Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Blog

Don't you worry I have not completely given up on my blog. It is actually one of my New Year's resolutions to be better at updating my blog. Well LOTS has happened since I posted last in April.


  • I graduated from the University of Utah with my bachelors in Elementary Education.

  • Kamron completed the St. George Triathlon.

  • I got a job teaching first grade in Jordan School District.

  • Kamron and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.


  • I went to Youth Conference down in Moab.

  • Kamron had a birthday and turned 26.

  • Kamron started his summer school classes.


  • We took a trip with my family to San Francisco. It was so fun!

  • We went camping for the Jones Family Reunion.

  • Had a weekend wave running up at Jordanelle with the Barrs.

  • Found out I am pregnant.

  • I started teaching school.


  • Went to Bear Lake for Raspberry Days.

  • Kamron had about 2 weeks off school, then started his last Fall semester.

  • Started the Utah Football season.


  • Went to Swiss Days with my cousins and aunts.

  • Celebrated my birthday, I turned 25.

  • Our good friends Tessa and Brennan got married.


  • Found out we are having a little boy on 3/18/2012.

  • Kamron and some of the guys in my family took a trip to Pittsburgh to watch the Utes play.


  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with the Barrs.

  • Went shopping on Black Friday and got an awesome new Christmas tree.

  • Decorated for Christmas.

  • Started registering for the baby.


  • Went to a bunch of Christmas parties.

  • Spent lots of time with family.

  • Celebrated my Dad's 50 birthday.

  • Kamron's brother visited from Germany where he is stationed for the Army.

So yes, we have been very busy. I honestly just forget to update my blog. I never have a moment to just sit and type. And using my iphone would take forever. My pregnancy has been so easy! I have had just a few minor problems but nothing serious. I did not have any morning sickness, just some nausea.
We had a great New Year's. We went up to Midway and hung out with some friends. There was three pregnant women there. So the party almost ended at 10:00. :)
Right now we are getting the babies room ready for his arrival. I will post pictures when we have it completed. I promise to be better at posting. I will try to post something at least every week.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goodbye school

I don't know if I should be sad or jump for joy.. I just finished my last school assignment ever!! It's a bitter sweet feeling. I graduate in 13 days. I can not wait. I found the perfect outfit that makes me look all grown up. I hope that graduation day is sunny and warm. Kamron just finished school last week too. He has one more year and then graduates. He is contemplating on whether he should do a Master's degree. I say whatever makes you happy honey. (Cause I have no desire right now to do any more college work).

Last week Kamron received a scholarship at Weber State. They had a dinner and program to recognized all the students who received a scholarship. The dean of his college conducted the program and said that the students who were receiving scholarships were in the top 4% of the college. Kamron does well in school and loves his program. He is totally graduate school material.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Life as a "stay-at-home-wife" has its good days and boring days. I really haven't done a whole lot over the last week. I was able to substitute for two days and that was really fun. I have spent lots of time with my mom. Her work has been slow so she has had a few days to hang out with me. I started cleaning out hall drawers and closets. I need to do our bedroom and office now. Graduation is in less than a week. I sent the orange dress back and am now on a search for the new "perfect dress". Long story on the dress but I would just never recommend any of my friend or family to buy one of their dresses. So if anyone has any places they love to shop let me know. The most exciting thing that has happened lately is Kamron got me an early graduation gift... an iPhone. We have been discussing what kind of phone I should get cause I was due for an upgrade and I told him I really didn't care. So on Thursday when I got home from Bonko with my mother in law Kamron was home watching TV. I sat down on the love seat and he asked me to get him a pillow out of the ottoman. I quickly opened it and tossed him the pillow and didn't think anything of it. About 10 minutes later Kamron was like oh never mind I don't want the pillow will you put it back? So I took it from him but didn't put it back, I just held onto it and continued to watch TV. So about 10 more minutes later Kamron was like lets just go to bed and I was like good idea. So I get up and put the pillow away. As I was putting it down my hand hit the bag to the cell phone. I was like what the?? And Kamron was like oh my took you long enough. He was so cute and excited for me to get it. Now I can't put it down. The phone is so addicting!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

All done

I am officially done with student teaching. Best/worse feeling ever. I hate having nothing to do all day. Today I practically did my whole to do list. DMV, vet, post office, laundry, interview. Now all I need to do is de-junk my WHOLE house and donate it to the D.I. Right now I really am trying to find a teaching job. I am on the substitute list so I hope to get some calls soon. It would be nice be making some moola soon. I have been un-employed for 4 months now. I can not believe that in a month I will be graduating. I got my cap and gown on Friday. It was the craziest feeling ever. Not only is it a huge rip off ($44.00) but I feel like high school graduation was a few years ago (only 6). I feel old. Kamron and I have started talking about what is the next stage for us? He has decided to apply for a masters program in structural engineering. He has my total support. He is such a hard worker I know he can do it. So for all my friends who are home during the day.. CALL ME!!! I would love to run errands, start a sewing/crafting club, or come to any play date. P.S. I got the orange dress for graduation :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This last weekend Kamron and I were so lucky to go down to St. George with our friends Ashley and A.J. I worked with both of them at the dental office. They weren't dating when I worked there. Ashley was dating a boy for 4 years and A.J. was just living the "bachelor life". But when Ashley broke up with her boyfriend A.J. scooped her right up. Well after dating for a few months they are engaged!! Crazy! I just was dying. Kamron and I are so excited for them. A.J. just got accepted to dental school so they are going to getting married in June. It was nice to have a relaxing weekend. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not goodbye just see ya soon

Tomorrow my best friend will be moving to New York City to live with her love Casey. I am going to miss her so much! It doesn't even seem real. I am so excited for her. Good luck Heather. Kamron and I love you so much!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh what to wear

Like I said graduation is coming up and I have been looking for a graduation dress. I need some advice and opinions. Here are some I have been eyeing.